Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Land Of False Summits

I have been residing in the San Gorgonio Pass area for about a month now.  Living at one of the low points of the pass means that every destination is a slow uphill grind with a rather fast descent back home.  This is something that I am not accustomed to having coming from a very flat Long Beach.   On most of the rides here the ascents gain 2K' in less than 10 miles....  This is very different for me and I rather like the challenge.

On many of the longer  grades, "false summits" are common.  I realize once you have followed the same route more than a couple of times you are aware of them, but the first time through on a 7 mile ascent can be a little humbling.

Upon leaving the more settled areas the scenery is mostly bucolic and at the higher elevations the views are very expansive.  Passing through orchards and ranches and the occasional rail crossing make for some interesting rides.

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