Saturday, March 8, 2014

Heron's Happy 20K Miles

Running as good if not better than it did when I first put it together about eight years ago.  All of the bearings are as smooth as they were when they were new, the frame has minimal "beausage" and the wheels are tight and true.

Component Add/Change Rundown:

Nitto Pearl, Technomic Deluxe, Dirt Drop and finally Tallux stem.
Sugino replaced with Herse cranks
rear eyelet cracked Mavic A719 rim replaced with another A719
Paul Cross levers added summer of 2012
Berthoud 45's replaced with 50's
Brooks Champion B17, Sella Anatomica, back to same Brooks Champion
5 chains, 5 pairs of tires (panaracer to schwalbe, back to panaracer)

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