Monday, September 16, 2013

Bike Friday Unpacked in New York

Yes, Bike friday is packable and checkable for air travel and yes I have done that on a previous trip to Boston, where I had a rental car awaiting me, however this time I decided to transport the Friday a little differently.

 For my trip to Forest Hills, New York City I decided to bypass airport luggage check and ship my Friday by FedEx.   It cost me about $100 to ship the 55 lb. case directly to my son's apartment, eliminating the need to hire a cab or to negotiate subway station stairs along with my other baggage.  In the places I was passing through I wanted my hands as free as possible.  It was very convenient and well worth the price, to have the case waiting for me at my destination.  I am sure it would have worked out just fine wheeling the case about, I just thought I would give this way a try.

Un packing and reassembly was a snap as I had the Friday ready to roll with saddle bag and fenders in under 40 minutes.

For my test flight I decided on riding over to Forest Park which is only a mile or two from the  apartment (  Other than crossing a couple of busy intersections it was a rather relaxing ride to and from the park.  Most of the riding was on car free roadways that meandered through an old nicely forested city park.

An old orchestra shell made for a nice portrait of the Friday

The rider posing in the seating area of the orchestra shell
The next trip will be to Central Park and the Manhattan Waterfront Greenway via the MTA E train.

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